How to Recording MP3 on Web by Nero Wave Editor

Published: 11th March 2008
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Tips record any audio through on web (music video, youtube video, music online and radio online) into computer.If you want to convert a file of any known/unknown format into WAV for CD burning or other using Nero Wave Editor, you need only play the file with a player that supports it, then launch our AUDIO MP3 SOUND RECORDER to record the sound to MP3/WAV, and save the recording to your hard disk.Sometimes, you want to record sound from the Internet Radio Station, you may launch the mp3 recorder, set the file name for saving, set the seconds for recording, wait for the result.

STEP 1. install Nero wave editor (Nero start smart->Nero Wave Editor )

STEP 2. Open Volume Control -> Option -> Properties -> Recording and Select Mono Mix

STEP 3. Open the Web page and play video or music online

STEP 4. Open Nero Wave Editor -> Sample Format Settings windows. Select Sample rate

STEP 5. Recording Console and click Record (Red button)

STEP 6. Save As Music to hard disk

Nero Wave Editor allows you to record music, edit the corresponding audio files, for example using various filters and sound enhancement methods, and finally burn them using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express,the Nero Wave Editor can handle AC3,AIF, AIFF, MP3, WMA, MP4, OGG, WAV, WAVE and NWF files and for the average home user, this list should do for about any sound processing needs, no matter whether you'll be editing the soundtrack of your
latest picnic movie or tailoring some fav song for a karaoke party

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